If you ask a “petrolhead” what their hobby is, they would certainly say “Project Cars”. Obviously, every social group in the world loves a hobby depend on their profession. I like Programming, cars, and graphics. Therefore, I ultimately fell in love with an idea. The idea is to simulate a city as a software. but first, I want it to be a driving sim. Hopefully I could turn it to a start-up if it gets sponsor or some supports from people.

Come and join me in the journey of bringing this idea to reality by following the posts and updates on the website and my twitter (@ATG_Simulator). If you have a message or just want to say hello, feel free to send it to the form below.

Around The Ground: Kish


What is it?

“Around The Ground: Kish” is an indie driving simulator video-game. it is designed for driving dream cars, buying luxury houses and condos, chillax and live in a summery island. There is more to that, lots of cool ideas may be added to the project.
The island is Kish, a luxurious island of the Persian territory which has never been ever simulated/used in a video-game before.

When will it be ready?

Not soon!! Actually there are no plans for releasing at all.
Check this Trello page out for estimating when this project could be shared. While its structure is almost ready but its island 3D model needs a team to be finished. The island is approximately two times bigger than GTA V’s whole map*. And it uses 100% GIS real data provided by Nokia, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google.
There are no story modes, no ragdoll animations and no multiplayer, yet. So it needs people’s support if it ever wanted to be finished.
* I compared it to GTA series as nearly everyone knows the series, Keep in mind that Kish does not have elevations and snow. Below is the full map.
The full map of ATG Kish

Where will it be released?

That would be steam if it ever becomes ready. It is primarily for PC with some plans for adding an additional Android app.

How much does it cost?

Although I need money and a professional team to finalize it, I currently decided to make it free to play.

Who can enjoy playing it?

I think younger people are not the target audience because I planned to design it to be very realistic. “ATG: Kish” is a simulator.

Why this project is made?

I was a computer software engineer student at the time of devising the project, designing the game was my hobby and still is.

Which innovative features are in this project?

I have planned lots of innovative features for this project, from online marketplaces to XR and so much more which I will publicly share them on here when possible.

How come the logo looks like that?

In the image below, it is explained. Everything – including this logo – is designed by me.

Is this a sponsored project?

No, it is a “passion project”. I emptied my bank account for this project, However, I would love to find a successful publisher or sponsor with a professional team to back this project up!


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